Metal Asset Plates

We provide a wide range of asset plate solutions.  This type of plate is a powder coated or anodized then your information is lasered into the surface. This type of plate is often used in aerospace, defense, and other high durability applications. 

   We do all in house shearing and coating, so all of our products are made exactly to your specs.  These plates are extremely durable and are able available in a variety of options, some of which are able to withstand and be legible up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.


Another option offered by the Infinity Laser Engraving Co. is a specialty engraving material called Alumamark. This type of marking plate several advantages as listed below: 

  • FAA Complaint
  • high 1500 DPI resolution
  • precision engraving tolerances 
  • affordable 
  • shear cut to size within +-0.020"
  • multiple thicknesses
  • Chemically resistant

See data sheets below for Alumamark: